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volunteers spend time in Uganda and help with making educative artistic murals, teaching English, conducting community research projects and assisting with program planning, implementation and evaluation. Our projects have and continue to benefit enormously from their time and expertise, “because they bring new ideas and they are so motivated”.

Some have been keeping a blog and make you pack a bag.

We particularly welcome volunteers with specific skills in agriculture, setting up small businesses, health promotion and or experience in sustainable energy and water harnessing in the context of resource-poor communities. But willingness, the ability to cope on your own, a non-judgemental attitude, bags of patience and humour and at least 4 weeks of your time are enough for you to have a great time and make a meaningful contribution to the projects and the community.

We don’t charge a fee but you will have to meet all your costs. A bit of fundraising to help with the projects is always welcome though.

Our main objective is sharing knowledge in all directions, which implies an exchange of know-how between the volunteers, Destreet art and the communities we work with. Therefore we want to promote mutual learning processes due to a unique experience and aim the establishment of a long term partnership. The participation of volunteers plays an important role in our work, consequently we were glad about students suggesting specific new projects they would like to enforce. If you are interested in implementing an own project, support the teaching at the pre-school and integrating new ideas and perspectives or promoting the ongoing activities of Destreet art foundation .

Volunteers  are very welcome to suggest your idea