Empowering youth through the visual and musical arts to inspire their local and international communities

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DESTREET ART FOUNDATION   is a full board ARTs community based organisation based in Uganda EAST AFRIca,  kampala and Jinja, so visit , join and volunteer with as in different communities around.

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Destreet art
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29 years old
About Me

Destreet art is based on a true story faced by mostly the young born third class family based  and ghetto youth. its nade to empower new talent celebrants throught the arts and music


My name isKabati Ayub and in my home country of Africa the jobless and poor walk the streets. Growing up in an unhappy home often led me anxious for escape as a child. Some nights I would leave and spend thenights on the streets in pursuit of an alternative source of happiness, only to arrive home the next day to the mistreatment of my family. Those who lived on the streets were happy and yet they had nothing, while no matter what I did at home I could not find the same fulfillment. I hated my family but had no were to go, some nights I would go to church and mosques for prayers trying to seek for God’s perfection to explain to my father that our situation wasn’t good but I failed.

As often aspossible I would hit the streets to go listen and share stories with the kidsof the street in Uganda’sghetto neighbourhoods. Through the stories we began to share, I realised thatwe were all in the same frustrating situation, whether we were home or walkingthe streets. So when I joined high school I told my classmates that my name was“street,” from then on it became my name. It serves as a bridge to the homewhere I feel most connected.

            TodayI spend my days hustling around Kampala,selling screen printed t-shirts, creating live paintings, interacting withother artists at the Ugandan National Theater, collaborating with local hip-hopartists, and putting on arts workshops for the youth. The small profits yieldedfrom my work is cycled into new projects for the kids because I believe in thepotential of creative expression as a vehicle of social community development.Everyone has a story, DESTREET ART aims to empower the voices of the youth tobecome a colourful civil society invested in improving Uganda’sfuture.



Eva- Maria Kehrer
24 years old

About Me

Poetry.Philosophy.Free Thinking.Human Rights.HipHop Culture.Arts.Soul.Jazz.Funk.Rap.Salsa.Afrobeat.Dancing.Nature.Culture.Holistic Health.Fitness&Movement.

28 years old
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black anb proud



Liz Granger
31 years old
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29 years old

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Baby Love
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Musician, dancer and website designer


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