Empowering youth through the visual and musical arts to inspire their local and international communities


 Destreet Art Foundation provides Uganda's young generation, both girls and boys from the age of 6 years onwards, the knowledge, skills and capacity for personal and community development through the arts. Our goal is to work together to discover and promote each child's talent. We help ghetto youth enhance the physical, moral and social development in their communities. We assist in building professional relationships between local artists and international consumers. 


                                      At Destreet Art we aim to:

- Empower youth through the arts and music 

- Develop talents to a professional stage

- Provide group activities with international volunteers in the communities to promote international partnership and understanding

- Build and emphasize self esteem, respect and discipline at a young age

- Conduct regular voluntary art classes for disadvantaged children

- Build a positive worldwide volunteer network

Destreet Art provides international volunteers with an introduction to Uganda and it's people ensuring a strong and genuine partnership between the foundation and international community. This creates an environment for global cooperation which is then shared with children and youth participating in art workshops. The network of local and international volunteers established since the Foundation's inception has allowed hundreds of international volunteers to engage in the arts and development of Uganda's communities.

        Destreet art is mostly a voluntary project so every one with a positive        

        mind is welcome to join.

        The right of admission lies in the hands of the program coordinators.


We now have kids on five days a week art programme and willing to add on every day as funds, support and community love of our activities increase.  Live art workshops conducted in different NGOs around the continent has allowed children and youth to share their stories. This has extended to guardians and community members who have then expressed interest in joining the program.  After joining, the volunteer is expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner for working with children, and in an open minded and accepting approach to the arts and individuals involved. We are one family at Destreet Art and we believe that every one is equal and deserving of our respect. 

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